Sunday, June 27, 2010

HELLO Sweet Visitors.

Hi there :)
My name is Linn, and I live in sweden :) I just now made this blog, my bestest friend Nicole inspired me ;D I reeally love reading romantic books, taking pictures, shopping for clothes and finding new songs. I want to become a photographer, so you guys will see a lot of my pictures on here and it would mean a lot to me if you commented on them, giving me critique :) I guess I'm a very bland and boring person, because I can't find anything interesting about me that's worth writing about - so I guess this will be the ONLY post about ME. The rest of my blog will be mostly about music, fashion, photography ect.
OH and since you're reading this poor excuse for a blog, PLEASE come up with a nickname for me, and comment it on this post! :D

- Linn :)


  1. Hi (: I'm so looking forward to seeing your photography! As of right now, no nicknames come to mind, but I'll let you know if any do :)

    xx, Melissa

  2. Your blog looks so cute! Blogging is ridiculously fun...and I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures :)

  3. your supposed to put about you in the about u column. lol


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